“New Perspectives on Climate and Economy”

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The Boston Ethical Community (officially, “The Ethical Society of Boston”) is a non-profit organization, offering its members a fellowship in which they can share with others a rational and compassionate approach to life.”

Join the Ethical Society of Boston on Sunday, April 10, from 10:30am –
12:30pm for a lecture from this year’s Humanist Award winner, Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, Boston College.

“Professor Schor, a renowned scholar and author, has written extensively on a range of economic and cultural issues. A leading voice on the dynamics of American consumerism, she has proposed new models of growth and sustainability.”


“Professor Schor will discuss what the global ethics of climate change means for Americans, with particular attention to patterns of spending, working and activism. She will draw on her research on the links between greenhouse gas emissions and economic outcomes such as hours of work, economic growth, and the extent of inequality and suggest ways forward that improve well-being and achieve radical emissions cuts.”


Boston Ethical Community
33 Garden St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Click here for event web page.


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