Submit your art, submit your plants!


Do you make art related to growing plants? The AgriCultural Festival in Somerville is happening on October 1, and right now there is a call for art and performance to be featured in the festival!

Josh Rosen is like a landscape superhero, calling himself Airplantman. He designed a special frame just for airplants to live, creating living wall art that can be used indoors or out.

“We are seeking projects and performances in three categories:

1. Visual arts: Installations or participatory work to make the ArtFarm space come alive to visitors during the Somerville AgriCultural Festival. Also displays of your garden crafts: lawn ornaments, whirligigs, bird houses/feeders, fairy houses, and the like.

2. Musicians and performing artists for the mainstage or to roam.

3. Semi-permanent installations to be placed on the ArtFarm fence that will brand the ArtFarm space and be visible from the street. These installations should be started before the Festival and can continue afterwards. They will remain onsite for at least 6 months. Installations should be suitable for outdoor display and able to withstand inclement weather.

Participating artists do not have to reside in Somerville!”

Check out the website for more details and link to submit: 


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