Green Artist: Mary Mattingly

Mary Mattingly’s “Wetland,” from the Parrish Art Museum’s “Radical Seafaring” exhibition.

WetLand is an example of the positive impact each individual can have on the environment.

“…This modified 1971 Rockwell Whitcraft houseboat was designed to demonstrate sustainable living with on-board projects including vegetable gardening, up cycling, solar power and rainwater collection. Along with “Wetland,” Ms. Mattingly has three photographs in the exhibition of her other waterborne projects—“Waterpod,” “Swale” and the “Flock House Project”—that also focus on sustainable and nomadic living.”- Anisah Abdullah,

”Mary Mattingly is a visionary artist who has created multiple floating works like WetLand to demonstrate simple ways to incorporate sustainable practices like upcycling and growing one’s own food into daily life,” says Grover.

Read more about Mattingly’s  fascinating “Wetland” piece here!



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